Health, Psychological, Social and Cognitive Risks of Electronic Games for The First Grade Secondary Class in The Southern Almazar Region in Karak City


  • Wejdan Karaka ,Hussein Aloshaibat ,Suhaib Khalid AL-Takhayneh ,Fatima ALnawayseh


Electronic games, Male and Female students, electronic communication technologies


This study aimed to uncover the dangers of electronic games among first-grade secondary students in the Southern Mazar District in Karak Governorate, the study sample consisted of (531) male and female students, and the study tool was applied after making sure of its validity and consistency. The study tool consisted of (40) paragraphs distributed into four areas (health risks, psychological risks, social risks, and cognitive risks). The results of the study showed that the general level of risks arising from students' use of electronic communication technologies, according to the estimates of the study sample, was at a high level in all fields of study, where the field of risk on social aspects of students achieved the first rank, The field of cognitive risk came in second place, and in the third place (before last) the field of psychological risks for students, and in the fourth (last place) the field of health risks, and the results showed statistically significant differences between the level of risks of using electronic communication techniques on students according to the different gender variable in favor of male students.