Comparison Of the Efficacy of Aqueous and Alcoholic Extract of Eucalyptus Sp. Leaves with Malathion in The Control of Termites (Isoptera: Termitidae)


  • Hamad Mohammed Jassim ,Saeed Maher Lafta ,Thabet Madheher Khalf


Statistical analysis, aqueous and alcoholic extract, treatment


The effectiveness of aqueous and alcoholic extract of eucalyptus leaves was tested with the crude pesticide malathion in controlling termites The results were recorded after 24-48 hours of treatment in a row, The results of the control of malathion showed that all concentrations gave a very high killing rate of 100%, which was superior to the killing rate of water and alcoholic extracts during the first period, while the killing rate was similar for both plant extracts and the pesticide after 48 hours. Eucalyptus showed a significant difference in termites, as the killing rate was (50%, 53%, 86%, 87%, 88%, 100%), which was superior to the results of the aqueous extract, as the killing rate was (21%, 21%, 60). %, 77%, 77%, 100%) during the first period of treatment, and the results did not show significant differences between the two extracts (water and alcohol) during the second period of treatment, which were similar among them, and all concentrations were similar in the rates of killing, reaching 100%, Statistical analysis shows that all concentrations of the extract and pesticide recorded significant differences with the control group, which amounted to 0% after 48% of the treatment.