Analyzing Factors That Affect the Readiness of Indonesian's Students to enter The 2030 Digital Era


  • Setiadi, Rianti; Widyaningsih, Yekti


Productive workers, Artificial Intelligence and Internet, Spirituality


Currently, Indonesia is entering the digital era that have many changes. This era will be dominated by millennials. In 2030 it is estimated that 75% of the productive workers will be millennials. In this digital era, the majority of jobs will be applied by Artificial Intelligence and Internet. The problem is the readiness of Indonesian students to enter the digital era. One element that need to be considered is the fighting power of students. This fighting power may be influenced by several factors. From this study, it was found that the factor that most influences the fighting power is Spirituality. Other factors are readiness to use the internet, ability to learn independently, and some others. The sample is 1731 students from 30 provinces in Indonesia. The main method used is the Classification Tree.