The Success Perspective of Niagara Village Owned Enterprises in Bandung Regency


  • Trisa Nur Kania ,Bambang Heru Purwanto ,Didi Turmudzi


Village-Owned Enterprises, business functions, BUMDes


Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) which are categorized as having been able to achieve their business functions as business organizations are those that are able to function commercially and function socially. Niagara BUMDes in Bandung district, has been able to achieve its business functions so it is interesting to research and study further to find out and analyze what factors have made this BUMDes successful in realizing itself as a successful villagelevel business organization. The purpose of this study is to describe the success of BUMDes Niagara so that it can be an example that deserves to be imitated by other BUMDes which are still far from the expectations and goals of establishing BUMDes as desired by the Indonesian government. The research method uses a combination method of Concurrent Embedded type with KUAL-Kuan notation where this study requires data from informants and respondents through interviews and questionnaires. Research results can reveal factors Those who support BUMDes Niagara have successfully implemented indicators of the success perspective of BUMDes. This success is the novelty of this research, due to the fact that there are still very few village-owned enterprises in Indonesia that have been able to implement it as can be done by BUMDes Niagara.