Tracking the Emergence of the Iraqi Paralympic Committee until 2020


  • Mohammed Ismail Ibrahim Al-Itabi ,Wafaa Hussein Abdulameer ,Omar Saeed Sabbar Al-Mashhadani


Analytical study, the establishment of the Paralympic Committee, the Paralympic Committee


The 1988 Summer Paralympics in Seoul, South Korea represented a turning point was. They were held using the same facilities as the Summer Olympics. They were followed by the 1992, 1996, and 2000 Paralympics. Subsequently, the 1992 Winter Paralympics was the first to use the same facilities as the Winter Olympics as eventually agreed upon between the International Paralympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee in 2001 and recently extended until 2020.The present study is significant as it is a serious attempt to identify the priorities of establishing the Iraqi Paralympic Committee, the date of its establishment, and the duration from establishing it until 2020.The problem of the study revolves around the idea that establishing the Iraqi Federation for Sports of the Disabled on February 8, 1982 had a prominent role in caring for the disabled and rehabilitating them in a way that guarantees their correct and integrated educational preparation (Ibrahim, 1992). Throughout the years of its establishment, the Federation took upon itself the work of laying the correct foundations for the sport of the disabled in Iraq and developing the sports movement through the establishment of many internal tournaments and competitions, as well as keenness to participate in external tournaments. Therefore, the researcher decided to delve into this previously unaddressed topic in the form of a scientific study to begin with historical and documentary pages to learn about the history of the emergence of the Paralympic courses until 2020. The present study aims to identify the history of the establishment of the Paralympic Committee until 2020.