The Status and Some Recommendations to Improve Japanese Pronunciation for University Students


  • Vo Hoang Ca ,Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen ,Nguyen Thi Tinh ,Huynh Tan Hoi ,Nguyen Tan Danh


Japanese language, learning process, pronunciation problems


The current situation among students who are studying Japanese is that the pronunciation as well as the voice of the students when using Japanese is still not standard. Currently, in the learning process, pronunciation problems may not affect students much, but when communicating, talking with native speakers, or people using Japanese, the probability of misunderstandings occurs. unworthy or the case that the listener does not understand the speaker's meaning is very high. This article is completed based on survey results from 20 respondent who are Japanese language students at some universities. The survey results show the importance of providing solutions to improve Japanese speaking and pronunciation not only of FPT university students but also of those studying Japanese.