Research on Solutions to Promote the Export of Vietnamese Fruit to Japan


  • Vo Hoang Ca ,Huynh Tan Hoi ,Nguyen Tan Danh


Vietnam's agricultural export, potential markets, green agriculture, import-export procedures


Fruit is considered a potential commodity in Vietnam's agricultural export. Fruit production and export enterprises have been building growing areas to ensure standards, increase processing and preservation capabilities to promote exports to large and potential markets. Currently, green agriculture is increasingly interested by young entrepreneurs. Especially green and clean vegetables, but the solution to the output source is still a problem full of difficulties and challenges. This article is completed by comparing and contrasting results from previous and current studies and literature. In addition, this research paper was also completed from online surveys. Research results show that, although the export turnover of fruits and vegetables is still a modest figure, in recent years there has always been a steady growth. Therefore, the Japanese fruit market will be a potential destination, but there are still many obstacles in terms of quality standards, import-export procedures, market competition, freight costs, the need for innovation in farming. Therefore, this article hopes to contribute to the bridge between young people interested in agriculture and one of the most demanding markets like Japan.