Ethnicity and Identity Crisis in Myanmar: A Case Study of Rohingya


  • Beena ,Basanta Kumar Mallik


Rohingya crisis, Rakhine state


The exodus of Rohingya from the Rakhine state of Myanmar can be counted as one of the distressed examples of humanity crisis in recent history. In this direction, the paper strives to assess the elements that have developed this predicament and caused such misery for this ethnic minority. Hence, the investigation in regard to Rohingya crisis will involve Myanmar's ethnic, political and military composition, also how all of these factors have led to the systemic weakening and religious persecution of this ethnic minority. Furthermore, the disfranchisement of Rohingya community and its underlying causes would be conjointly discussed in relation to the recent developments of recent military coup d'├ętat of Myanmar government. In short, the article is aiming to traverse over military's newly established order and how it may bode for Rohingya, also, in what aspect does this kind of change may affect their very existence. For this reason, the presented article has compiled key pieces of information from various sources into condensed, yet, digestible bits. Hopefully, this paper may provide some insight in recommending measures to alleviate this long-standing issue of Rohingya crisis.