An Empirical Analysis on Techno Stress Among Women Employees in Saudi Arabia


  • Vimala Venugopal Muthuswamy


Employees, technological advancement, techno stress, personal and professional lives


Employees are under more strain and have higher expectations as a result of the rapid expansion and changes brought about by technological advancement. Because of this pressure, employees are unable to meet the goals set forth, resulting in techno-stress among female employees, which has a negative impact on their health and well-being. According to Saleem F, Malik MI, Qureshi SS, Farid MF, and Qamar S (2021), techno stress is arising as a result of the Covid 19 scenario, and it needs to be investigated. They go on to say that technology should be viewed as an opportunity, not a danger. "Modern sickness of adaptation caused by an incapacity to cope with new computing technology in a healthy manner" is how techno-stress is characterized. (Brod Kassim, E. S., Ahmad, S. F. S., Bahari, A. H., Fadzli, F. N. M., & Adzmi, N. S. H. M. (2021) in their research says technological stress has negative implications, and personnel may be unable to cope with rapid growth, resulting in job unhappiness, tiredness, and isolation. Because of the stress that exists in the workplace, women employees are more susceptible to mental illness, resulting in an imbalance between personal and professional lives. Techno-stress is currently affecting the majority of businesses. Companies adapt numerous new technology and policies as a result of globalization, creating a demanding atmosphere for women working in any field. As a result, it is critical to recognize the elements linked to techno-stress in order to assist female employees, and a stress-free working environment is a must in Saudi Arabia.