Problems of Teaching the History of the Turkestan Region and Ways to Solve It in the University System of Kazakhstan


  • Aksoy Mehmet Oguzhan ,Yerke Kartabayeva ,Elmira Aziretbergenova ,Pakizat Adieva ,Gaukhar Batyrbekkyzy


History of Turkestan, modern history of Kazakhstan, history teaching, university system, innovative methods, ethnodemographic


The article provides a comprehensive assessment of the theoretical and practical problems of teaching the history of the Turkestan region in the university system. In addition, there was shown an approach to solving obstacles in the educational process. The researchers of the article analyzed the material base for studying the history of the Turkestan region, the level of use of educational literature and scientific works. In particular, there are presented the proposals for the development of electronic resources and increasing students' access to them. The history of the Turkestan region is determined by the arrival of the power of the Russian Empire in Central Asia. During this period, ethno-cultural and ethnodemographic changes took place in the Society of ethnic groups living in the Turkestan region. The political and administrative reforms carried out by the Russian Empire affected the socio-economic structure of Turkestan. The general formulation of these historical factors in the educational programs and textbooks of the university system has not yet been formed. A number of measures are being taken to solve these problems in the education system of Kazakhstan.