Leadership in Takalar Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia


  • Henni Zainal ,Andi Aslinda ,Muhammad Rakib ,Andi Idham Ashar ,Yusriadi Yusriadi


Leadership, Development, Uniqueness, Behavior


Leadership is a uniquely human problem. The problem is not only touching human life as individuals but also as social beings. Therefore, each leadership process, in its uniqueness, cannot escape from humane and valuable conditions. This study aims to determine the effect of leadership on development in the Rajaya Sub-District, South Polombangkeng District, Takalar Regency. This study is survey research. This research design uses a descriptive method. Thus, solving the research problem will be carried out first by describing the condition of the subject/object of this research, which is the performance of employees based on facts or data obtained as is. The sample in this study was 77 respondents. The data collection techniques used in this study was questionnaires, observation and documentation. The results showed that the head of the sub-district leadership had a positive effect on the development of the Rajaya sub-district, South Polombangkeng District, Takalar Regency.