Deficiencies in the Medical Civil Liability Legislation in Jordanian Law (Comparative Study)


  • Alaa Majed Ahmad Bani Younes Al-Jubouri


Jordanian civil law, Saudi Arabia, health system


In this study, we discuss the shortcomings that Jordanian civil law suffers from concerning the issue of civil liability of the doctor. This is a comparative study between Jordanian civil law and its Saudi and Egyptian counterparts, using the descriptive analytical approach in dealing with the subject of the study and use of the comparative method to reach the main objective, which is to know the shortcomings of the Jordanian civil law in the civil liability of the doctor. The study concludes that the Jordanian civil law concerning civil medical liability suffers from two problems: the failure to clarify the legal nature of the civil medical liability of the doctor and his failure to recognize the moral damage inflicted. In comparison, Saudi Arabia is the best Arab country to legalize its health system and create a system for practicing health professions.