The reality of service quality in the Karbala Sewerage Directorate (From the employee's point of view)


  • Mushtaq Talib Turki ,Othman Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Jubouri


Karbala Sewerage Directorate, Statistical means, statistical analysis program


The aim of the current research is to diagnose the reality of service quality in the Karbala Sewerage Directorate from the point of view of its employees. The research included a sample of (127) employees at various administrative levels. The questionnaire was the main tool for data collection. Statistical means used to extract the results (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and relative importance to know the responses of the sample members to the questionnaire questions, using the statistical analysis program (SPSS). The statistical indicators of the research showed a set of conclusions and recommendations. Among the most important conclusions is that the results of applying the dimensions of service quality in the Karbala Sewerage Directorate are of a high level, which means that the mentioned directorate adopts these concepts, as well as a willingness to pay more attention to them, especially in light of the changes taking place in the environment. Among the most important recommendations, paying more attention to the concept and quality of service because of its role in improving the services provided to customers, and making service quality part of the work philosophy of the surveyed directorate and including it in its strategic direction S through the vision and mission of the directorate.