Role of Information Management Technostrategy in Achieving Organizational Reputation


  • Jamal Kamel Thajeel ,Suhair Adel Hamed Al-Jubouri


Information management techno-strategy, critical junctions, organizational reputation


This research aims, through its chapters, to test the relationship between information management techno-strategy as an independent variable, and organizational reputation as a responsive variable, The most prominent of them was (Is there a role for Information Management Techno-strategy in achieving organizational reputation?), What is the nature of the relationship between the variables and does one affect the other?, What is the nature of the relationship between the variables and does one affect the other!? This research aims to answer these questions about the theoretical philosophy and the intellectual implications of these variables and through practical application on the research sample, where the necessary information was obtained through personal interviews and a questionnaire, and it was analyzed statistically, and this research relied on the descriptive approach. Analytical, and came out with a set of intellectual, theoretical and practical conclusions that diagnosed the reality of the research variables in the application environment, Where it proved the existence of a correlation relationship with a moral significance and the existence of a significant effect of the information management techno-strategy in achieving the organizational reputation, and the research presented a number of recommendations, the most prominent of which was the need to think about taking into account the dimensions of the information management techno-strategy in the core issues that pertain to the basic and critical junctions in the work of the university council And provide the necessary support in achieving and developing the organizational reputation of the university