Effect of Super Leadership in Sustainable Competitive Advantage Applied Study in Diyala State Company, Iraq


  • Mohammed Hussain Ali Hussain ,Ammar Yousif Jwameer AlJubouri


superior leadership, explanatory variable, administrative methods


The current research aims to identify the effect of superior leadership in the sustainability competitive advantage, and has adopted superior leadership in its farthest (training and continuous support, encourage independence, self-motivation, disciplined behavior) as an explanatory variable and the sustainable competitive advantage with its dimensions (organization efficiency, market share, reputation, core ability) as a responsive variable, as well as the scientific objectives in confirming superior leadership practices in business organizations and its vital role in guiding workers with advanced administrative methods. The main hypothesis was identified in the existence of a relationship and a significant effect of superior leadership on the sustainable competitive advantage, and the research community was represented in the Diyala State Company - Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the sample size were (121) employees chosen for research questionnaire which prepared according to its specific variables for research. The descriptive analytical approach was adopted to present the content of the research, and the research data was analyzed by statistical tools within the (SMART PLS) software package (SPSS v.25) Based on measuring the research variables and testing its hypotheses, the researcher reached a set of scientific and applied results about its attention.