Financial Inclusion in Achieving Economic Growth


  • Azhar Hassan Ali Abu Nayla Al-Jubouri, Nada Abbas Alwan


economic growth, financial services and facilitate, rural and remote areas


Financial inclusion plays a strategic role in promoting economic growth and helping to reduce poverty through the availability of regular and reliable sources of funding for vulnerable individuals in the society. In this direction, financial inclusion has taken several measures to increase the access of non-beneficiary families to financial services and facilitate them. With the tremendous development in financial technology and the emergence of many innovative services that contributed to organizing and managing financial operations and facilitating access to and use of financial services, which contributed to stimulating economic growth. The study recommended the need to provide innovative banking services as a means to improve access to financial services, and increase interest in spreading banking awareness and introducing financial products, as well as encouraging the banking spread of banks, especially in rural and remote areas, to facilitate the delivery of banking services to excluded groups.