Investing Organizational Identity in Improving Work Teams: An Exploratory Study of a Sample of The Capital's Traffic Directorates


  • Mohsin Rashed Musaheb ,Layth Kahlil Ibrahim ,Zahraa Ghanim Mirjah


Baghdad Traffic Directorate, data collection, research variables


The research aims to identify the role of organizational identity in improving work teams, and to suggest ways to deal with the outputs of work teams in a way that achieves the goals of the Baghdad Traffic Directorate as it is the subject of the application of the research, while the research community was represented by its officers, while the research sample was embodied in (General Director, Associate The Director General, the directors of Rusafa and Karkh traffic and their assistants, as well as the heads of the divisions and the officials of the departments) in it. The sample was (200) observations. The descriptive exploratory approach was devoted to conducting the research, relying on the questionnaire in data collection, as well as employing the (SPSS V.26) program in analyzing the primary data of the research, as the research found a positive impact relationship of organizational identity in improving work teams, as well as the availability of research variables: practice, interest and adoption in the directorate.