Kulangsu: Re-Invention of Tradition and Social Memories of Chinese People in Modern China


  • Zhang Jie ,Wuttiphung Rodkasemsri


Rapid development, Kulangsu's culture, China


With the continuous progress of reform and opening up, China is in a period of rapid development, it has undergone major changes in economic, political and cultural aspects. Kulangsu's culture as a world cultural heritage has also taken a new look and better development trend. Kulangsu's culture is not only restricted by the Chinese traditional cultural context, but also integrated with a large number of Western cultural elements, thus forming a unique culture expression. This paper starts with the concepts of reinvention and social memory, introduces the development process of Kulangsu's culture in morden China, focus on the relationship between the social memory and the performance of contemporary reinvention of Chinese people, then analyzes the important influences of different Chinese groups and the new policies of Chinese government. In the era of globalization and the current background of great fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, it has a great practical significance for Chinese people to research on the Kulangsu's multi-culture on a cross-culture and comprehensive path.