The Impact of Using Jumbled Picture Stories Technique to Develop Iraqi EFL Preparatory School Students' Performance in Writing Skills


  • Sabeeha Hamza Dehham ,Issraa Ibraheem Fraj


Jumbled Picture Stories technique, experimental groups, Google-Classroom (GC)


The current study aims to identify the efficiency of Jumbled Picture Stories technique in teaching writing skills of fifth Year Students of Preparatory Stage. Null hypothesis: "There are no statistically significant differences at the level of (0,05) between the mean of scores of experimental groups who study using Jumbled Picture Stories technique and the mean of scores of the control group who study using regular method" was developed for verification purposes. Jumbled Picture Stories methodology is used to construct two equal experimental groups of (30) students, and a control group of (31) students studied using the standard way throughout the second term (2020-2021) for 8 weeks, three sessions per week for each group utilizing Google Classroom Platform. When it comes to helping students learn, Google-Classroom (GC) was a useful tool in the current research. Using the experts as a reference, a test of writing ability has been developed and implemented. Statistically significant changes in mean writing-skills scores between experimental and control groups were found at a threshold of 0.05, in favor of the experimental group. The experimental group was taught using the Jumbled Picture Stories method, which resulted in these variations.