The General Creedal Purposes of Surat Al-Alaq (A Review and study)


  • Areej Hatem Jalil Al-Muhammadi ,Ahmed Abdul-Razzaq Jubeir AlJubouri


Surat Al-Alaq, hearing, sight, wisdom and compassion, reward


This research aims to elicit the creedal purposes in Surat Al-Alaq, in terms of standing on the oneness report, the recipe for life, hearing, sight, wisdom and compassion through commitment. As well as standing on the report of the prophet hood of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. The same applies to proving the matter of the resurrection and the abode of the afterlife, and that it is an undoubted right, and this deals with the evidence that the beginning of creation is a sign of its return, and that the reference is to God, as well as the proof of the reward.