Impact of Metacognitive Learning Strategies on Writing Skills During Online Classes Among ESL Balochistan Undergraduates


  • Hina Durrani ,Nur Rasyidah Mohd Nordin ,Norma Bt Saad


Learning writing skills, Online classes, Balochistan, Quantitative data, Metacognitive strategic


Problem and the aim of the study. Learning writing skills during online classes has been a difficult task for the students of Balochistan. Therefore, this study investigates the perceptions of ESL learners in Baluchistan, Pakistan regarding the impact of metacognitive learning strategies on their writing skills during online classes. The processes of metacognitive strategic learning help students improve their writing skills. The current study uses an intervention of metacognitive strategies comprising planning, organizing, and evaluating strategies of writing. The theoretical framework for the present study is (1). Research methods. The research is based on a mixed-method sequential design. Quantitative data has been collected through a pre and post-training questionnaire with a five-point Likert scale. Whereas, qualitative data has been collected through semi-structured interviews. The sample involves randomly selected undergraduate students studying a compulsory course of "Academic Reading and Writing" at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University, Quetta, Pakistan. Results. Paired-Sample T-Test computed the mean scores of student's pre and post-training scores. The results revealed that (t-values > -7.025, pvalues =.000) the training significantly enhanced the students' scores. The results of the interview showed that the metacognitive approach in learning and teaching needs to be used successfully to improve writing skills. Conclusion. Metacognitive strategic approach during online classes is found to be helpful in improving students' writing skills. metacognitive strategies developed students' thinking and they evaluated their own writing. Therefore they were able to make necessary changes in their writings and eventually improved writing abilities. More quantitative work is suggested to assess how the metacognitive approach affects writing abilities, using various scales.