• A.A. Istri Putra Kusumawati ,I Wayan Lasmawan ,I Wayan Suastra ,Ni Luh Kadek Alit Arsani


context, input, process, and output, Bali Province, professionalism


Purpose: This study aims to achieve several things related to the evaluation of the components of the context, input, process, and output in the implementation of the nursing professional competency test at Nursing Education Institutions (STIKES) of Bali province. Outcome in the form of nursing professionalism is also evaluated. Methods: This is an evaluation research that uses the CIPP-O model from Stufflebeam. The instruments used are questionnaires, interview guidelines, and observation guidelines. Six nursing education institutions in Bali Province that conduct nursing competency tests have been involved in this evaluation study. Data analyzed with the T-score and then converted to Glickman quadrant. Results: Based on the Glickman quadrant it was found that the implementation of the nursing profession competency test in the province of Bali is effective; where both the context component, the input component, the process component and the product component. The level of professionalism of nurses is 68.4% in the Professional category and 31.6% is in the moderately Professional category. Several obstacles were found in the implementation of the competency test, such as the complexity of registering participants for repeated competency tests, limited computer facilities, and weak motivation of students who did not pass the competency test to take part in enrichment. building for safety, and the need for an independent agency that conducts national competency tests. Conclusion: The implementation of the Nurse competency test in the province of Bali is classified as effective but need to do several recommendations for better in the future: 1) reforming the lesson plans by adding material to professional attitudes, 2) managing building facilities to support the security and safety of students, and an independent institution that conducts national competency tests.