Designing a Decision-Making Model Using the Delphi Method Approach (Case Study of Determining and Assessing Military and NonMilitary Threats)


  • Hendra Wulan ,Herlina JR Saragih ,Ghazalie ,Januar Arief Martharaharja


Dynamic global environment, Indonesian National Army, nonmilitary threats, Delphi method


The dynamic global environment development has caused various kinds of threats. Where the military threat places the Indonesian National Army as the main component supported by reserve components and supporting components, while in the face of non-military threats, government agencies outside the defense sector are the main element. Advances in technology, the industrial revolution and the acceleration of technology and science make the dynamics of the strategic environment develop very fast and difficult to predict. This study discusses the decision-making model using the Delphi approach. The method used is explanatory qualitative. The results of the study show that, in the fast-paced changing conditions, a quick and precise decision-making mechanism is needed to determine military and non-military threats. The goal is to make decisions more effective and in accordance with current conditions. The Delphi method is one of the answers in determining the type, form and nature of dynamic threats by involving experts in real time so that it will make it easier to determine strategies to deter each threat.