Communication Activities of Ritual Ngabanyotn Events in the Village of West Kalimantan Indonesia


  • M. Ali Syamsuddin Amin ,Yeti Kuswati ,Maskawati ,Sitti Harlina Hamid ,Lukman Arake


Communication Activity, communicative situation, communicative event, and communicative action


A This research aims to know the Communication Activity of Ngabanyotn Ritual Event in Bagak Sahwa Village, West Kalimantan. To answer the problem, the researcher takes communicative situation, communicative event, and communicative action as a research sub-focus to analyze the focus of research that is Communication Activity of Ngabnyotn Ritual Event in Bagak Sahwa Village of West Kalimantan. Qualitative research method with Ethnography communication method, reporter amounted to 4 people consisting of key reporter two people and supporting reporter two people, obtained by purposive sampling technique. Test the validity of data with observational persistence, reference adequacy, literature study, and internet searching. Data analysis which is used are description, analysis, and interpretation. The results of the research are 1) Communicative Situation on Ngabanyotn Ritual Event that checks the completeness of the materials for the ritual (Preparatory Stage), Opening Ritual that is located at the mountain and in the traditional house (Implementation Stage), Ngabanyotn Ritual is located in the traditional house (Implementation Stage) The Narok ritual takes place in the traditional house (Implementation stage) and Closing ritual located at traditional house and on the mountain (Closing Stage). 2) Communicative Events in Ngabanyotn Ritual Event is to give thanks for the harvest received by the community and to request that the next harvest be better. 3) Communicative action on Ngabnyotn Ritual Event is in the form of a thank-you statement to the ancestral spirits and God. This supplication is the prayer delivered to the ancestral spirits and God and the nonbreeding behavior of the sowing movement during the rituals. The research concludes that Activity Communication Event Ngabanyotn Ritual is a custom activity done once a year and has a unique custom activity. The researcher suggests that government and society always maintain and keep going traditional culture every year by documenting and publishing custom activities.