Assessing Consumer Acceptance and Willingness to Pay for Blended Beverage from Seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii Weber Bosse) and Selected Tropical Fruit (Mangifera indica Linn and Theobroma cacao Linn)


  • Rosalyn P. Alburo ,Lorelie Q. Escabal ,Pet Roey L. Pascual ,Ivy J. Dematawaran ,Jerwin S. Zanoria ,Pet Anthony Pascual


nutritional properties, health drinks


Among the seaweed species, Eucheuma cottonii Weber Bosse is widely commercialized for its various nutritional properties. However, commercialization of this type of seaweed as healthy beverage drink is not yet explored. This study explored the utilization of Eucheuma cottonii with Mangifera indica Linn and Theobroma cacao Linn as blended health drinks. Results of the sensory acceptability test based on 9-point hedonic scale showed that seaweed blended with tablea (cacao paste) was more preferred in all age brackets than its counterpart. There is a window of opportunity for seaweed as health drink if blended with tablea (cacao paste). On the other hand, educational attainment and lifestyle did not have any significant relationship to the consumers' willingness to pay. However, respondents are willing to pay an average price at 32.6 pesos per 200ml bottle. The existing commercially available drink in the market is at 25 pesos per bottle.