The effect of information systems success model on job performance in Iraqi banks


  • Mohammed Ihsan Ahmed Sabah ,Umi Kartini Rashid ,Juzaimi Nasuredin ,Nawzad Majeed Hamawandy ,Abdulkhaleq Nader Qader ,Farhad AlKake ,Raed Mohammed Kakil


Computers, accounting information systems


It's the 90s when computers and computing spread most. Information technology has played a major role in the accounting processes, especially accounting information systems (Kobelsky, Larosiliere, & Plummer, 2014). Accounting information system (AIS) is the main component for business computing in any organization. It collects, directs, keeps and monitors the financial data of any organization and converts it into information applied for reporting and control (Haleem & Kevin, 2018). Organizations have become able to keep precise records due to AIS; as well as using it by the management to make sure that access and separation of duty controls are in place (Bawaneh, 2018).