Correlation Analysis of Student Sleep Habit during COVID-19 Movement Control Order and Self-Evaluation of Mental Health and Productivity


  • Ervin Gubin Moung ,Aslina Baharum ,Muhammad Danial Aiman Bin Mohd Hanif ,Tan Mei Jun ,Kennedy Gregory Mojuntin ,Xavier O'Brien Louis L Kinujim ,Mohd Khairulanwar Rizalman


MCO, Mental health, WhatsApp groups, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety


This study investigates the effect of MCO on the mental health and productivity of students in a university. A questionnaire consisting of waking and sleeping hours, sleep quality, mental health self-evaluation, and productivity was randomly distributed through WhatsApp groups. The raw data were processed using statistical formulas such as mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and regression. A total of 65 students participated in the survey and answered 70 questions. 83.08% of students say their sleep time on weekdays was impacted, while 89.23% of students say their sleep time on weekends was impacted. 76.92% and 80% of students reported that their wake-up time was affected on weekdays and weekends, respectively. The level of self-esteem, depression, and anxiety is considered average for the students' mood and emotions, while the students' level of appreciation appears high during MCO. Overall, it can be concluded that students' sleep quality influences the academic performance of students.