The Relevance of Culture Affecting Gen-Y Consumers on Brand Equity in Dubai: The Integration of Social Media Advertising


  • Majed Z. Hatem Alkindi ,Akinola Fadahunsi ,Hiba Mustafa Hilal ,Raed. A Saed ,Tan OoiKuan


Culture, Social Media Advertising, Gen- Y, Brand Equity, Dubai


The world has been moved towards the 4th industrial revolution. It has brought a big impact to the Gen-Y adaptation intobid data informative era. Indeed, Gen-Y has gone through a digital technology era in the 80s and now needs to keep in track with new revolution. this research examine and explore culture as a moderator on Gen-Y and social media advertising on brand equity, and Gen-Y: Mediator among culture and social media advertising with brand equity,data collects and analyzes from Dubai by using Structural Equation Model AMOS and SPSS software version 22®. This Finding shown significant differences between the respondent's culture based on their regional background,the study discovers that Gen-Y attitude towards brand equity increases among respondents who are less-culturally inclined to those with more cultural inclination. This leads that culture and social media technology in a little while will appear a new consumption of digital culture.