Available Teaching Beliefs To Language Teachers in Light of The Principles of Modern Learning From The View Point of Educational Language Supervisors


  • Hussein Hikmat Al-Mistareehi ,Anoud Al_shayesh Al_khresha


Teaching beliefs, Arabic and English language


The study aimed to identify the teaching beliefs that were available to language teachers in the light of the principles of modern learning from the point of view of the educational language supervisors. The study population and its sample consisted of (20) supervisors in Arabic and English language specialists in the education directorates of the Amman Governorate - Directorate The Central Badia and the Qweismeh Education Directorate; In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the two researchers built a questionnaire consisting of (32) fields, representing the teaching beliefs derived from the principles of modern learning. Two indicative indicators emerge from each field. A high-grade language teachers’ teaching belief; As the field of diversity belief in teaching methods came first, followed by feedback with a high degree, and the results showed the availability of (12) teaching beliefs among language teachers with a medium degree and according to different arithmetic averages.