The Impact of Interactive Distance Education on Learning Level Enhancement


  • Zaid Yacoub Abu-Bajeh ,Rabab Alayham Abbas Helmi


Educational process, educational strategies and practices


For the past decades There has been a continuous development of the educational process, as well as many researches seek to understand the inward workings of the distance process for learning and teaching and aim to establish more successful distance educational strategies and practices, Although, many educational institutes in the world are still having educational problems, namely in terms of ineffective teaching processes that are incompatible with the demands and expectations of the learners and does not achieve the purpose of the educational process. This paper is an attempt to validate the impact of face-toface education on distance education process, by focusing on part of Theory for Distance Education for Perraton, where the researchers believe that there are differences between interactive and asynchronous distance education. This paper discusses the some aspects on educational constraints that effects on the learning level by evaluating the differences in group discussion, feedback and educational benefits in two different models of distance education. This study will provide necessary insight into distance educational models and will assist educational institutions in selecting distance educational models that will overcome distance educational limits and improve learning levels.