Workplace Emotional Management and Public Administration Responsibility: Study on The Perception of Emotional Intelligence in Albanian Public Institutions


  • Zamira Sinaj Economy faculty, University of Viore, Albonia


I truly believe that it is appropriate in this scientific paper to get back to the initial question arised oftenly in our work relationships: Can Leadership be taught? I am pretty sure, that I am not the only one who has such curiosity; I believe we all at some point in life have wondered if we can feel as a born- Leader or become a Leader. Through years, Researchers have been trying to answer this question. Learning means the knowledge transfer from one person to another, and quite often while lecturing and sharing them in leadership courses, it is commonly said that at the end students have to find out for themselves whether or not they are Leaders! Leadership begins with self-confidence, courage and perspective. We then discuss a very important emotional variable, emotional intelligence, or how to understand and manage our own and others' emotions. We have selected these two concepts to illustrate the potential of managers to capture "emotional capital" within the organization, as well as how to provide them with the means to achieve what we call "emotional leverage". Who is the one that can teach you such things? You can only experiment on them. The goal of this paper is to describe the distinguishing skills of a leader, despite the thousands of traits that characterize each leadership style; as well as bring into readers’focus the successful leadership experiences and profiles of well-known people. However, the main aim is to measure how important is the Leader's emotional intelligence in Albania.