Performance Measurement and Challenges of Albanian Businesses After the Difficult Situation of Covid -19.


  • Zamira Sinaj Economy faculty, University of Viore, Albonia


There are many difficulties to open a business in the competitive area. In fact, if it is so easy, the question is if it is worth it to begin with as the area can end up overpopulated, and in an industry that allows its businesses to keep their parts. Thus, because of the importance of the marketing activity and their impact on the economy of a country, taking into consideration various barriers of creating new businesses in small countries such as Albania, this study will focus on the process of development analyzing the organizing performance and technical difficulties. Albania is implementing important structural reforms which will support the equal increase, raise the productivity and competition in economy, create more job openings, and will improve the government and offering of the public services. The relation and improved regional access in regional and global markets, together with the export and market diversity can help in enhancing the fast improvement. The topic will focus on the situation, difficulties or conveniences of start-up or small and medium businesses, taking as a study basis the biggest cities in our country such as Tirana, Vlore, Durres, Elbasan and Shkodra. This idea sparkled from the “failure” of a few businesses during 2019-2020 and my will or perseverance to create a personal business, but this time playing it safe, even though we are in a situation where many businesses are closing their doors. At the end of this study I aim to have a clear idea if at these difficult times I should start a new business, the steps to take, to know the difficulties I will encounter, and to take proper measures or to create appropriate strategies to overcome the obstacles. I would also consider helping the businesses that are in difficulties.