Senior Tourists' Psychological Factors Approach for Innovative Wellness Tourism in Fa Daet Song Yang Ancient City, Thailand


  • Thirachaya Chaigasem ,Duangchanok Varatipromma


senior tourists, Kalasin, EFA, CFA, and SEM


This study aims to access senior tourists' psychological factors visiting the Fa Daet Song Yang Ancient City, Kalasin Province, fostering a successful wellness tourism innovative development. Kalasin is a small, resourceful province in the northeastern region of Thailand and one of the three poorest provinces in the country. Five hypotheses were constructed and adapted Maslow's hierarchy of needs to fulfill aspects of wellness development study. This study uses quantitative and qualitative research methods, starting with literature studies related to and distribute the survey to gather data, collect data, analyze, and interpret the viewpoints of tourists. Data was analyzed in measures terms of central tendency and measures of variability. EFA, CFA, and SEM were used to explain the correlations of observed variables. Therefore, the benefits in enhancing tourist's psychological factors identified the key factors influencing travel decisions to further the community wellness development.