UBF Sogam and Its Spiritual and Social Implications


  • Jun-ki Chung ,Moo-jin Jeong ,Yong-ho Park ,Kai Yin Allison Haga ,Hyun-ho Kang ,Ho-woog Kim


Healing, lost and found, sogam, South Korea, therapeutic, UBF


In Korea, the term "sogam" refers to what one feels in one's mind, and sogam sharing is often understood in the Christian community as a faith testimony. While oral testimonies can be impactful, expressing those thoughts in written form can help to improve clarity. Therefore many churches have recommended Christians to write down their thoughts on topics of faith for sharing orally with an audience. In this work, we will analyze the sogam sharing practice of University Bible Fellowship (UBF), one of the influential Christian communities in South Korea. By thoroughly exploring the spiritual and social implications of the UBF sogam, we will argue that, practiced properly, sogam writing and sharing can be fruitfully used as an important spiritual discipline.