Human Capital and Public Services Performance: The Role of Accountability as Moderating Variable


  • Ebrahim Farhan Mubarak Busenan


human capital and public services, public sector


The aim of this paper is to test the relationship between human capital and public services performance with accountability as the moderating variable in Bahrain. The motivation for this study is the lack on the public sector in various countries, including. Bahrain. In this study, 640 questionnaires were distributed to the citizens in thefour governorates of Bahrain, i.e., Southern, Muharraq, Northern and the Capital, using the systematic random sampling method. A five point Likert scale was used to measure all variables. The number of returned questionnaires was 384, with number of usable questionnaires being 368. The results of this study show a significantly positive relationship between human capital and accountability and public services performance. In addition, the findings show that the role of accountability as a moderating variable in the relationship between human capital and performance of public services is not supported.