An Overview of Protection of Indonesian Migrant Worker in the Pandemic Covid-19 Era


  • Abdul Wahab Samad ,Dian Cahyaningrum ,Luthvi Febryka Nola


Indonesian Migrant Workers, qualitative research, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused negative impacts on Indonesian Migrant Workers. For the impact, this study aims to examining the protection before, during and after the placement. The method is use a qualitative research using a secondary data to analyze. The result shows that the protection before placement is under the temporary prohibiting placement policy, limitation of job vacancies, and need more appeal on social assistance. The protection during the placement is implemented through data collection and registration, monitoring and evaluation, compliance of the human rights and case resolution, consular assistance, mediation, advocacy and others legal assistance, training, and repatriation. The protection after placement is under the Covid-19 health protocol and prevention during their return period of time, implemented by empowering program to have financial independence support for them and their family, and under the program Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. However, the protection has not optimally implemented due to the reasons of the absence of the implementation of regulations of the Law on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers, the validity of documents, the revocation of the ban placement, and others obstacles surrounding the empowerment program due to the Covid19 pandemic. Finally, the protection needs to continuous reinforcement to make them and their families have safe and have decent life especially during the pandemic.