Removing barriers in the 21st Century of World Politics through the medium of Strategic Communication and Sports Law


  • Subhrajit Chanda ,Hifajatali Sayyed ,Mr Kingshuk Saha


Sport Communication, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, World Politics.


The foundation of studying sports is rooted around areas like sociology, management, organizational behaviour, history and law. Strategic communication has in recent years become part of the disciplines under which the law of sports has been deconstructed. Currently, sports is progressively taking advantage of many benefits and opportunities of globalization. Despite these opportunities, area of sports is progressively facing critical and complex challenges in managing organizations, teams and leagues. This paper will evaluate the impact of strategic communication and Law of sports in the removal of the political barriers in sports and will also analyse both important and problematic perspectives of managerial and cross-cultural issues in sports management. The concept of world politics forms part of the theory of Law of sports and strategic communication because of the economic and social effects of the sporting events. Therefore, this study will also evaluate the impact of sport communication in enticing new players and athletes, evaluating the concept of public relations intelligence and its application. Public relations as part of strategic communication is portrayed through the information gathered from education and sporting activities, which helps in removing barriers and strengthening the functionality of management