Dolphin shaped patch antenna with edge and coaxial feeds


  • Arvind Kumar G ,Mahendra S J ,K. M. Vanitha ,Panchami Prabhu ,Ashwini KS


Microstrip Patch Antenna, edge, and coaxial feeding techniques, gain, patch.


Microstrip patch antennas have evolved over the years to be implemented in different shapes and sizes. This paper presents a dolphin-shaped patch antenna for improved efficiency and gain. The chosen shape gives a reasonably high gain compared to a rectangular patch antenna structure due to excellent communication skills that originate in dolphin due to their body structure. The gain is further enhanced by increasing the size of the ground plane (double-ground and triple ground) to achieve a higher range. Two types of feeding techniques have been compared: edge feed (planar type feeding in the form of a stripline) and coaxial feed (non-planar feeding in the form of a probe through a hole in the ground plane). Parameters such as gain and efficiency have been compared and documented in this work.