Gender Equality: A Historical Perspective based on Vedic Literatures


  • Akhilesh Kumar Khan ,Moumita Sen


ancient times, economic liberalization, Indus Valley Civilisation


Since ancient times woman has always been an important topic of discussion and so also in modern times. Progress of any society is depend upon the economic liberalization of both men and women. The ancient Indian social society always took a noble and respectful standpoint about women in the society. Women enjoyed a dignified, respectable, noble position, status and place in the early Vedic age. They were given the right to participate at par with boys in outdoor life. This paper is an attempt to reflect the status and position of women and gender equality not only in early but also in the later Vedic period drawing special references from Indus Valley Civilisation, epic period and period of Dharmashastra and Purana in order to know in depth the position, status and gender equality of women that were in practiced in ancient India.