The Role of Managers Multirole and Industry Attraction on Competitive Strategies and Unit Business Performance: An Empirical Study in Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises Industries


  • Kosasih Kosasih


state-owned strategic industry, financial crisis, hypothesis testing,


The existence of state-owned strategic industry in Indonesia is essential in achieving independence, especially for high-technology industrial strategic growth. The phenomenon has happened since the financial crisis until now that the state-owned strategic industries' business performance appears to be chaotic. The contribution of the profits to the State was negligible. Therefore, this research is essential and needs to be done to maintain state-owned businesses' success and sustainability in strategic industries future. The research methods are used descriptive and verification method for relating problems to the multi-role of managers, industry attractiveness, competitive strategy, and business unit performance on state-owned strategic industry enterprises in Indonesia. Analysis and hypothesis testing using Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings of study suggest that the multi-role of manager has done well, the industry attractiveness in reasonably good condition, the competitive strategy is quite useful is dominated by a focus strategy, business unit performance is still not able to show superior performance. In verification of hypothesis testing results prove that the performance of business unit performance on state-owned strategic industry enterprises in Indonesia is influenced by multi-role managers and industry attractiveness, either directly or through a competitive strategy.