The Role of e-Marketing and e-CRM on e-Loyalty and Performance: An Empirical Study Indonesian Companies


  • Judi Suharsono ,Titik Musriati ,Fauziyah Fauziah ,Umi Rahma Dhany ,Sulis Dyah Candra


e-Marketing (EM), Company Performance (CP), online questionnaires, e-CRM


For the aim of this study, we will examine the relationship between eMarketing (EM) and Company Performance (CP), e-CRM (EC) and Company Performance (CP), and the impact of each of these on the other (EL). This is a survey-based study, which is a type of quantitative research. The SmartPLS 3.3.3 software is used for data processing. By distributing online questionnaires via online surveys to 110 managers of non-e-commerce companies, the major data gathering approach was used. Two sections were included in the questionnaire. In the first section, you'll find questions aimed at gathering basic demographic data from your respondents. In the second section of the questionnaire, remarks on the research variables are the primary focus. Results from a regression test show this. It's clear that e-Marketing and e-CRM both have a significant impact on company performance, but e-Loyalty has no significant impact on company performance. This is because e-Loyalty is not correlated with company performance, and e-CRM has no significant impact on business sustainability through e-Loyalty. In terms of e-Loyalty, e-Marketing does not have a substantial impact on the company's performance.