Explosive Exercises Help Advanced Discus Throwers Develop Special Skills and Improve Performance


  • Jabbar Rahema Hassan ,Meqdam Abdulkadhim Raheema ,Husam Abdulkadhim Raheema ,Dhurgham Abdulkadhim Raheema


Explosive exercises, Research community


The study's objective was to devise explosive exercises with varying resistances to develop the unique abilities of advanced discus throwers and determine their effect on competition performance. The researchers used the experimental method to solve the problem and accomplish the research objectives. The research community identified advanced discus throwers (aged 20 and up). They were divided for the research experiment by (3) archers for each group, and training from the maximum resistance (the first group at a rate of (30 per cent), the second (40 per cent), and the third (50 per cent), and each thrower was given (12) attempts for each test with a total of (36) a total of (36) a total of (36) a total of (36) a total of The results were extracted after the testing and measurement process for the variables under study was completed. The researchers drew various findings from it, the most important of which was as follows: The explosive workouts with resistance (40%) for the second group were more effective in developing the explosive ability of the arms and legs and boosting competition achievement, followed by the third group (50%) and then the first group (30%). The explosive workouts with resistance (30%) for the first group were more effective in building agility, followed by the second group (40%) and finally the third group (50%). Among them, the researchers recommended several points, the most important of which are: They determine the best resistance ratios in the special explosive exercises for the throwing competitions, which achieve the best achievement.