• Teresita B. Barangay


Hospitality and Tourism Management, medical treatment, Field Exposure Program


The study was conducted to assess the field exposure program for Hospitality and Tourism Management students as basis for curricular enrichment. The study focusses on the compliance of the institution in the field exposure program of the institution with regards to CHED memorandum requirements, preferences of the participants as to type of destination and 5A's of tourism, and the issues and challenges with regards to the compliance of CMO requirements. Results revealed that the compliance before the off campus activity on the relevancy to the subject matter of the destination and schedule, consent of the parents or guardians duly notarized and fees collected was approves by concerned stakeholders with a breakdown of fund sources and expenses were fully complied during the off-campus activity, while after the offcampus activity the students submitted a reflection of learning experiences. Results further showed that trying new food in the preparation and tasting of ethnic dishes and the presentation of cultural shows were preferred by the participants as their cultural destination, nature-base areas like parks, waterfalls, caves and rivers for their nature base destination and the visit to old churches, old house architectural design and monuments for their historical destination. Seeking medical treatment was the most preferred for health and wellness destination and Hospitality-Tourism related industries preferred was the on-thejob training in commercial cooking and dining hall set-up for special occasions in hotels and restaurant. Amenities provided in a destination is preferred to enrich the experiences of the participants. As to test of significant difference, the result showed that the participants from Bayombong and Bambang campuses differ in their preferences on cultural, nature-base, historical, Hospitality-Tourism related industry, recreation and events, etc. in the choice of destination for field exposure trip. It was only on the health and wellness destination that no significant differences were observed. Also, result revealed that the participants differed in attraction, accessibility, amenities and activities in their choice of the 5A's of tourism destination. It was only in accommodation that no significant differences were noted. The Field Exposure Program broadens the student learning opportunities by providing them chances to feel the real world, thereby expanding their horizon.