Improving higher education system in Saudi Arabia: ethnographic methods in contemporary perspective for women education


  • Nadia Yusuf ,Dareen Abdulmohsen


Online education, women empowerment, Covid-19, technology, education system, women population, educational institutions.


In this study the impact of an online education system and women empowerment across the Kingdom regarding reduction of disparity and enhancing the position of women has been discussed. A suitable systematic review has been conducted by the researcher based on secondary sources collected from the online platform. It has been found that a technology driven approach has been adopted by the Saudi government to deliver a high quality and standard education to students across the Kingdom amid the pandemic situation. The influence of COVID-19 over the education system has also been discussed in this study to identify the reality. Several effective strategies were established to further lead the study to understand women empowerment. In addition, the role of online education in the pandemic situation of COVID-19 and how effectively it works on improving education system is also elaborately described. This study will also clarify the changes in education system amid the pandemic situation. A comprehensive knowledge regarding the evolution of online learning techniques in the Saudi society can also be gained by the interested students.