Cross Fit Style Training for Developing Some Special Abilities and Achievement for Jumpers Long under 20 years Old


  • Mustafa Adnan Abood ,Muhaimen Flaeih Abid ,Ammar Muhiey Khaleel


scientific solutions, athlete's development, research community and Najaf clubs


The researchers took a serious interest in this subject to develop some scientific solutions to treat it through cross-fit training to develop physical abilities and achieve the long jump under 20 years, according to the foundations of modern sports training, which ensures the athlete's development in proportion to the method of technical and kinetic performance of this activity and with a high economic value, which ensures that the level of strength of its players reaches the highest levels to achieve the highest achievements in this field. The research community and Najaf clubs for the long jump for the sports season (2020/2021), and their number was (5) players. The results proved that there is a significant difference in the research variables between the pre and post-test of the research sample in favour of the post-test after it was treated statistically.