Measuring The Business Cycle In The Turkish Economy Using The Samuelson Model for The Period (1970-2020)


  • Syif Ali Abd Al-Rzaq ,Abdulhussein Jalil Abdulhasan


Business cycle, multiplier, accelerator, marginal tendency to consume, economic crisis


The business cycle is a vital and constantly renewed subject since it is one of the faults of the capitalist economic system and numerous other characteristics that contribute to its significance. The first is significant economists, perhaps the most prominent of whom is Samuelson. He was one of the first to touch on the business cycle in their research and develop a model. He attempted to quantify and predict the business cycle by combining the first two concepts of a multiplier and the accelerator. The tools of this model were applied in our research to the Turkish economy during the period (1970-2018). The research identified the economic cycles that he went through accurately and objectively, and four cycles (for the period studied) were specific to the beginning and end.