Challenges of Iraq's Economic Development after 2003: The Reality and Path


  • Mazen Issa Al-Sheikh Radi ,Qasim Kadhim Waheed SHTAIWI


critical challenges, Iraq, structural imbalance, poor performance, and low productivity


This study aimed to highlight the most critical challenges that hinder the implementation of a development plan besides the economy in Iraq after 2003 and diagnose the causes of the deterioration in the Iraqi economy by having a lot of economic resources. It adopted the research and data collection method between the inductive approach and data analysis during the period after 2003 and according to data availability. The spatial boundaries also included the State of Iraq. According to the research findings, Iraq has several challenges and issues in achieving economic progress. Of these issues, structural imbalance, poor performance, and low productivity are the most significant. Therefore, government institutions and correspondingly recommended that strategic plans for these restrictions be developed, activated, and assistance and facilities be provided to the private sector to see its role in the economy.