Obligation to inform in the contract of the organized trip (comparative study with the French and English laws)


  • Raghad Faleh Dalem AL-Aqili ,Jalel Hasan AL-Saiedy


travel and tourism companies, trip, Iraqi legislator, Egyptian and French law


This research discusses the issue of the obligation to inform as one of the important obligations of the travel and tourism companies in the contract of the organized trip, where the imbalance of knowledge and information is obvious for the parties to the contract. Where the tourism companies are the professional party as they have sufficient information about the trip and experience in this field unlike the tourist who usually has no idea about the data or the information necessary for the trip, so it was necessary for the legislation to find a way to restore balance in the form of obligation to inform. Despite the importance of this obligation, it did not receive the attention of the Iraqi legislator. Therefore, the research adopts a comparative analytical approach with Egyptian and French law, as well as English law, where the legislative experiences of these countries were presented, and concluded the need to an Iraqi legislation regulating the travel contracts in general and the obligation to inform in particular because of its importance.