Razak-Mahathir Achievement-Oriented Leadership Model Framework in the Context of Malaysian Nation-State Development.


  • Khairul Azman Mohd. Suhaimy ,Nurul Aimi Razali ,Lutfan Jaes ,Adi Syahid Mohd Ali ,Zahrul Akmal Damin ,Fauziah Ani ,Khairol Anuar Kamri ,Mohd Hisyam Abdul Rahim ,Shah Rul Anuar Nordin ,Mohd Fuad Othman ,Mohamad Ainuddin Iskandar Lee Abdullah ,Marwan Ismail


Leadership, Country's administration and development, Prime minister


There are several ways in which the leadership of each Malaysian Prime Minister is demonstrated in the country's administration and development. Malaysians recognise Abdul Razak Hussein and Mahathir Mohamad's leadership and contributions to the nation's progress and modernization. Both Razak and Mahathir were given the role of Development Father. The successes of the country are also a testament to their leadership's effectiveness, as seen by the policies and activities adopted during their time in office. As a result, this study tries to examine Razakleadership Mahathir's in the context of Malaysia's nationstate growth. Using a qualitative historical descriptive strategy, this study relies on the text of the speeches of the two Prime Ministers as its primary source. When it comes to developing and modernising the country, these resources are analysed qualitatively to examine the leadership elements they used in the implementation of government policies. The findings show that Razak and Mahathir, in their roles as Prime Minister, used leadership techniques such as invigorating people's intellects, injecting motivation, structuring leadership, idealising influence, emphasising togetherness, emphasising the practise of good values in leadership, being firm in leadership, being confident in leadership, individualising consideration, foreseeing the future, and appreciating people's contributions. With these elements of leadership, a country is capable of making great strides in the development and modernization of its society. An important part of attaining national development and modernization is leadership that is focused on reaching specific goals and objectives, and this study demonstrates the importance of a specific set of leadership elements that can inspire and motivate individuals to work with the government. A country's leadership has a significant impact on the definition of a state that should be adopted by the nation. Based on Razak-accomplishments Mahathir's as Malaysia's first prime minister, a leadership model framework is introduced in this paper. An summary of their successful leadership style in running the country is provided in this document Leaders and those with comparable aims and goals can make use of this leadership model framework.