Individual Characteristics, e-Privacy and Structural Empowerment in Online Scaffolding


  • Murali R ,Darmalinggam P ,Gopinathan S


e-privacy, moderator, Structural empowerment, Information security knowledge, Malaysian ICT industry


In this study, researchers examine the role of e-privacy as a moderator in the ability of industry professionals to empower students with problem solving skills. Structural empowerment provided by industry specialists is facilitated by e-privacy as a moderator, according to this study. The study's primary goals are to establish whether or how e-privacy affects both individual traits and structural empowerment, and if it does, how. The study was explanatory in character and conducted using a quantitative methodology. Information security knowledge, self-efficacy in information security, privacy concerns, and trust are some of the factors that are expected to affect industry experts' structural empowerment that will be offered to students through a survey. Structural Empowerment is influenced by three of the four variables studied, but e-privacy is not a viable moderator in the Malaysian ICT industry. The findings of this research can be used to inform policymakers on how to close privacy legislation's flaws and treat it seriously, especially in the context of the internet.